ABOUT Elizabeth & John Craig


Hi! We are Elizabeth & John Craig and we want to welcome you to Elizabeth Craig Photography. John and I teamed up in 2005 to open our wedding photography business...and it's been a crazy ride ever since. We are one part hermit (John) and one part gypsy (Elizabeth) and when our super powers merge, you not only get a seriously fun experience but also some pretty awesome photos that will become your legacy for generations to come.

John: Has been a photographer for over 25 years and has photographed everything from weddings, to portraits, to landscape photography to corporate gigs. John likes to keep tons of side projects going to keep the machine oiled and as such has an incredible "Pittsburgh at Night" collection that has been on display in several gallery shows throughout the 'Burgh. Also pretty savvy with the film side of a camera, John has a pretty impressive portfolio of films for local events, small business commercials, special interest projects and random awesome people (like his wife).

Elizabeth: Has been a photographer since 2005 and was lucky enough to be a star student of the "John Craig School of Photography". ;-) With a passion for all things fem, gorgeous and unique, I branched out in 2009 to also include beauty and boudoir portraiture, along with my wedding specialty. My eye for the eclectic, yet classic, has allowed me to be a part of some pretty fun stuff including local and international magazine publishings and blog features, charity events, ad campaigns, product photography, as well as inspirational shoots with local and national vendors. Always up for anything fabulous, I can always be counted on to bring an adventurous eye to...well...anything.

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